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The best way to access newsgroups is either through your local newsreader application, or at the Google Groups Web site. With the demise of DejaNews, Google now offers the complete 20-year Usenet Archive, as well as a convenient Web interface for reading and posting comments in various Usenet discussion forums (aka newsgroups).

Frequently Asked Questions for individual newsgroups are usually posted on a regular basis to the newsgroups themselves, while most can also be found in the Internet FAQ Archives.

  1. alt.comp.linguistics - Linguistics
  2. alt.etext - Electronic texts (FAQ available)
  3. alt.usage.english - Usage of the English language
  4. (moderated) - Artificial Intelligence
  5. - Document analysis, understanding and retrieval
  6. - Natural Language Processing
  7. - Artificial Neural Networks (FAQ available)
  8. (moderated) - Natural Language and Knowledge Representation
  9. (moderated) - Another newsgroup on Natural Language Processing
  10. comp.internet.library (moderated) - Electronic libraries
  11. comp.speech - Speech technology and speech science (FAQ available)
  12. comp.speech.research - Speech research
  13. (moderated) - Information Retrieval
  14. Web search
  15. sci.lang - Scientific and historical study of human languages
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Mailing lists

  1. Colibri - an electronic newsletter and WWW service aimed at people interested in the fields of natural language processing, speech processing and/or logic. Email to
  2. Corpora - information and questions about text corpora such as availability, aspects of compiling and using corpora, software, tagging, parsing, bibliography, etc. Email to
  3. DDLBETA (moderated) - a forum for discussion of text classification. Both research issues/methods (test collections, experiment design, new algorithms, etc.), and practical discussions of operational text classification are welcome. Membership is limited to researchers and practitioners in text classification, plus a few experts from related fields invited by the list owner. Email to
  4. Elsnet list - dedicated to Human Language Technologies. The purpose of this list is to serve as a forum for exchange of information, announcements, discussion for everybody who is interested in language and speech technology in the broadest sense, including neighbouring areas. To subscribe, visit
  5. E-print archive - announcements of paper preprints. Email
  6. JMLR-announce - announcements of JMLR papers. Email
  7. Kluwer Alert - announcements of new books and journals by Kluwer Academic Publishers. To subscribe, visit
  8. Linguist - the Linguist list. To subscribe, visit
  9. Prentice Hall mailing lists - announcements of new books by Prentice Hall. To subscribe, visit
  10. Reuters corpora - discussion of the Reuters corpora (especially of the recently released "Reuters Corpus Volume 1"). To subscribe, visit
  11. Search Engine Report - a very good and comprehensive newsletter about search engines. To subscribe, visit
  12. Search Light - a newsletter of the WebSearch Forum at (much less comprehensive than the Search Engine Report by Search Engine Watch, but occasionally useful nonetheless). To subscribe, visit
  13. TREC Filtering - an information and discussion forum for participants and potential participants of the TREC filtering task. To subscribe, visit
  14. WebIR - information retrieval on the Web. Email
  15. Connectionists (moderated) - discussion of technical issues relating to neural computation, and dissemination of professional announcements such as calls for papers, book announcements, and electronic preprints. Email

  16. Relevant mailing lists in Israel
    1. IAAI-L (moderated) - Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence. To subscribe, visit
    2. ISCOL-L - Israeli Seminar for Computational Linguistics. To subscribe, visit
    3. Learning Club - Learning Club at the Technion. To subscribe, visit
    4. LING-L - Formal Linguistics colloquium at the Technion. To subscribe, visit
    5. TAU-CS-COLLOQUIUM - TAU Computer Science Colloquium. Email
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Evgeniy Gabrilovich

Last updated on August 28, 2007

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