Resources for Text, Speech and Language Processing

This is a collection of resources in a variety of fields related to text, speech and language processing. These include computational linguistics, information retrieval and machine learning. Here you can find pointers to useful Web sites, as well as lists of relevant books, newsgroups and mailing lists, and much more.

If you would like to suggest an addition, or if you want your own site listed here, please email me at If you find this collection useful, or if you have a comment, please drop me a line too.

  1. Books and publishing houses
  2. Journals and conferences
  3. Newsgroups and mailing lists
  4. Pointers to Internet resources
  5. Data collections
  6. Code
  7. Bibliography on Automated Text Categorization

Evgeniy Gabrilovich

Last updated on November 2, 2010

Keywords: Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, NLP, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Analysis, Natural Language Generation, Information Retrieval, IR, Text Categorization, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Corpus Linguistics, Algorithm Design, Text Mining, Text Data Mining, Digital Signal Processing, DSP, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition, SR, Automatic Speaker Recognition, ASR, Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification